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Mission Statement

Mission Statement . . .

The Purpose of our Existence . .    To be a fellowship of believers shining forth the love of Christ, leading others to find FREEDOM in Him . . .

Our Guiding Values . . .

1.  A Worshipping Church- We affirm that God deserves worship and people need to worship, therefore Liberty Hill Baptist will strive to connect with God through prayer and praise.
2.  An Evangelistic Church- We affirm that the real need of every person is a relationship with Jesus Christ, therefore we will provide opportunity for outreach so that individuals may receive Christ as Savior and Lord.
3.  A Discipling Church- We affirm that growing toward godliness is the goal our discipleship, therefore we will maintain and create ways to help people reach their full potential in Christ.
4.  A Fellowshipping Church- We affirm that we grow and minister best in the context of God's love, therefore we will enjoy opportunities of wholesome Christian fellowship.
5.  A Ministering Church- We affirm that the New Testament model of ministry is a shared ministry, therefore each member will seek to discover and develop spiritual gifts and talents to minister in and through Christ's body, the church.
6.   A Missions Church- We affirm that the mission of the church is global in its scope, therefore we will partner with other Southern Baptist churches to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Calendar of Activities

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